Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Battle Against the Hygienic Dark Mage!


Our feline hero has been awakened by the sounds of an obscure and secretive ritual. The unmistakable sound of torrents of water rushing out of a strange device placed up high, on some unreachable steamy crag, was a dead give away that the Dark Mage was up to his usual black antics.

The furry protector was seemingly the only being in existence who seemed to understand the atrocities happening just on the other side of the door. Even the knowledgeable Miniature Schnauzer of the village slept through the sacrament. Something had to be done.

Chance was on the side of the now battle ready warrior. The Dark Mage had left the entry into his chamber ajar! The pieces were in play! Weapons drawn, our liberator went on the prowl.

He pushed through the unguarded gates, and trekked through the tiled moorland. He bounded over the hill of discarded clothing, and rested at the foot of the fiberglass mount, veiled by a curtain of palm trees. All in the cloak of silence and anticipation.

In a single leap our guardian landed atop of the fiberglass cliffs, and peered into its basin. There stood the Dark Mage. He was bathing himself in the liquid that flowed from falls at the fiberglass mountains highest peak.

This was our hero's moment, to bring the treachery that beseeched his lands to a close. As champion was about to descend into the basin, to face his combatant, he noticed he was hindered. The Dark Mage had placed an invisible ward around the entrance to the steaming falls.

Our hero was unskilled in ancient magiks and was unable to lower the ward. He resolved to compete in a contest of brute strength, but even his mightiest blows were thwarted! He attempted to out wit the Mage, and circumvent the obstacle. That to ended in failure.

As our warrior was accepting defeat, the Dark Mage had stopped the falls great outpouring. He whisked aside his ward and the palm tree curtain.

In a stupor the warrior makes a fatal miscalculation and jumps into the basin. The Dark Mage sees his opportunity and makes his escape.

Alas, the Mage never meets justice. Our warrior brushes off the defeat and heads back to his routine, of fighting invading toilet paper rolls, and sparing with the Schnauzer.

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